Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's important to talk to the media

Today I received a call out of the blue from Mike Cameron, a reporter for ATV news. He was doing a story about the energy hub, and whether or not the downturn in the economy would impact some of the big energy projects that were planned. He wanted to know if I would do an interview with him.

I know it can be a real problem for reporters to find people who are willing to talk to them -- people are generally nervous about reporters and concerned they will look bad or end up misquoted.
But when I receive calls like this, I look at them as real opportunities to get the Union's message out to the public. I'm always available for reporters and if I feel it's something we can weigh in on with credibility, I'll always do the interview -- in fact I'll go the extra mile to make myself available. If we're part of news story, we may get our message out to hundreds of thousands of people in Atlantic Canada, and if I can do a good job, it sends a positive image of the IBEW too, as a responsible union that engages in intelligent debate on the issues that are important to our communities.

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