Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wondering why I wrote the opinion piece that appeared in local newspapers this past week?

Recently, the Times and Transcript and the Telegraph Journal each published an opinion piece I wrote that was meant to address some of the criticism that NB Power generally, and David Hay specifically, have been receiving lately.

My decision to weigh in on this was based on several reasons.

First of all, I've received a lot of feedback from members who feel that David Hay is doing a good job, and that he is approachable and open. In addition, I have personally found him to be interested and supportive of issues raised by IBEW, and also supportive of items that are important to IBEW members (safety, wellness, good labour relations, etc.).

To be completely honest, I'm also concerned that his current contract expires soon, and should he leave or be replaced, we may end up with someone who won't do as good a job running the company and who may not so open minded or supportive of our issues – therefore I think it is in our interest to show some support.

Another reason is that frankly, I'm fed up with people taking cheap shots at NB Power and the people associated with it. These cheap shots reflect poorly on every one of us, and I for one, don't take that very well.

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