Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Diversity and Inclusion

During the 2006 IBEW International Convention, delegates passed a resolution supporting diversity and full inclusion. This resolution recognizes that the IBEW, and our workplaces, are made up of people from many different groups - people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, different languages, different genders, different age groups, people working in non-traditional roles, etc. This diversity will make our union stronger and more vibrant, but only if we ensure that all member's values, beliefs, thoughts, experience and knowledge are understood and valued.

As a result of that resolution, the IBEW International has developed and implemented measures to support diversity and full inclusion (which means that all members, no matter what their background, are able to participate in the union, without any barriers).

One of the things the International has developed is a two-day training program that helps educate local union leaders about the issues related to diversity and inclusion. I'm currently on that course, along with two other delegates from Local 37, and we're learning a lot of valuable information, and getting some great ideas, about things we can do to ensure that our Local is a welcoming and inclusive organisation.

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