Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Retirement, Betty Ann!!

Today is the last day at work for my friend, Betty Ann Smith. Betty Ann has been a key part of the team at Dalhousie Generating Station forever -- I don't think it would be a stretch to say she's the heart of the station.

Betty Ann has also been a key player in the IBEW -- she served for many years as the Dalhousie Unit Chairperson and on the Executive Board of the IBEW, on bargaining teams and many committees. She also is a founding member of Local 37, and her name is recorded for all time on the Charter issued by the International. And as if she wasn't busy enough, she found time to volunteer for lots of other things, including a memorable stint as the NB Power 25-year-club president.

The key thing is, she gained the respect and admiration of everyone she has worked with, members and management alike, and I believe it is especially because she has always been a shining example of IBEW values -- the best skills, the highest quality of work and the best work ethic (that and, she never backed down from anyone, or anything).

She has especially been a good friend to me, putting up with (well, usually putting up with) the many DUMB questions I have asked, and the multitude of favours I went looking to her for, over the years.

So, although she'll probably be mad that I did this (but hey, I'll push my luck -- she wasn't too upset last time...), I want to tell everyone how much I respect and look up to her, and to thank her for everything she has done for her co-workers and her employer, over a long and successful career.

You're the best, Betty Ann.

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Hammer said...

Ross - I would like to echo your comments about Betty Ann, 100%. Any time I had to acquire specific information, get the story "straight" about an incident or situation, or organize something for the Dalhousie plant, I could always count on Betty Ann to be there to assist me. She made my job much easier. I have always found her to be extremely helpful, diligent, and fair, in anything she was involved with. Employers need people like her to make the workplace "run".

Happy Retirement! I shall miss having her as a colleague and confidant.

Chris Burns
Manager, Labour Relations
NB Power Generation